Spiritual Healing

Discover the symbiotic connection between human beings and Earth. Receive the healing energy and vibration of crystals…This soul therapy is a 1 hour session that helps a person truly heal mind, body and emotions by healing there Etheric or vital body and awakening the soul. It helps heal deep set emotions that block your true self, also helps to manifest positive energy for personal growth. 

Compatibility Reading

With the name & birth dates of you and your lover,  I can help to advise you how to keep your relationship flowing in a positive direction. 

Tarot Cards Readings

 Powerful tool that specializes in any problems in the current situations in your life as well as in your past with powerful information regarding your future.  

Certified Angel Card Reader

Angel Card Readings consist of guidance from the angelic realm.

Meditation & Chakra Balancing

Achieve a deeper state of relaxation, calmness and awareness. Embrace spirituality… 

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Phone, Text or Email                416-595-5125     

Crystal Grid Healing

Crystal Grids or layouts are patters for using stones for crystal healing or ritual magic. Using the patterns can help focus energy and intention for your purpose.  

This will help you manifest your dreams & goals such as love, health, prosperity, abundance, positive energy . It can also protect you from outside negative forces & entities. I also do Reiki crystal grid healing  and readings. 

Crystal grids is a specific geometric shape the focuses the Universal Life Force in a particular way for a particular purpose.