Trevor P

Mina is amazing not only in terms of her skills but also the way she approaches your problems and how she guides you through the struggles. The experience from which I benefited most was the healing sessions where I lied down with crystals over my body under a pyramid. The whole process was very relaxing and was not scary or anything like that. I’ve been carrying some personal issues for a while and throughout these sessions I really can see things getting better. She is not only a psychic, but also a life coach, a genuine friend, a healer. I found her in my most lost time and I’m very glad that I knocked that door. 

Rita C.

 Mina is fantastic and very accurate! I have recommended her to several friends in the past and she has helped them too. She personally helped me sort out several issues I had in the past and I know she genuinely cares about my wellbeing and happiness. There is nothing she can't solve and she continues to support me to this day. I don't know if I would have gotten to where I am now in my life without meeting her. If you are feeling lost or want to find out some answers don't hesitate to contact Mina. 


Mina can advise you of how to achieve your goals or how to avoid obstacles. She can relate to any aspects of your life: work, family, personal life, finances. 

Dee T.

 Mina is fantastic! One of the most honest and genuine psychics I have every met. She is very accurate at sensing what is going on in your life and is truly skilled and passionate at what she does. Mina listens to your concerns and provides useful guidance to help you figure out how to balance your energy and get your life moving in the direction you want it to go. She is such a positive influence in my life and I can't thank her enough for her guidance, support, and foresight. Truly an amazing person! 

Shawna M.

 I was referred to Mina by a friend. Mina is a great psychic and life coach. Mina provided some insight and guidance to help guide me to make the necessary changes in my life at the time. It was a wonderful experience.  

Normand G.

 What an amazing experience! I first went for a tarot reading and Mina was so accurate. Her insight was very helpful which gave me direction on the issues happening in my life. I went back for a pyramid healing session which was a wonderful experience. I feel more balanced and calm since then which really help me to say goodbye to certain aspects of the past which prevented me to move forward